Parent Education

Parents and their children learn together.



Registraion Information

When registering, the student information should be about the ADULT student. This includes the ADULT name and the ADULT birthdate of the ADULT coming to class. An adult MUST come to class with the child.

*Please Note: Minimum enrollment of 20 is needed to open a class. If the class you want is full - Please sign up for another class. Look for the correct age range of your child.




Parenting the Infant

This class is for parents with babies, (newborn to 18 months), and covers body fitness exercises, relaxation techniques, growth, and development. Parents enter parenthood with confidence and good parenting skills. Novice parents learn to relax and enjoy their new role, while babies happily reap the lovng benefits.


Parenting the Two-Year Old

Parents of two-year olds participate in activities designed to promote positive learning experiences. This course encourages the understanding of the ages and stages of normal growth and development. Topics of discussion include discipline, sharing, weaning, toilet training, language development, and sleeping habits.


Parenting the Toddler

Parents and toddlers, (12 to 24 months old), share a special time together as they eagearly explore the classroom activities designed specifically for this age. These lively children grow rapidly in physical and verbal abilities, and parents learn and discuss the important physical and social changes occurring. Helping parents to understand and accept each child as a unique and special individual is an important focus of this class.


Parenting the Pre-Schooler

Parents and their pre-schoolers, (ages 2 1/2 to 5), engage in quality enrichment activities including art, music, and games, with a major emphasis on communication and cooperation skills. Adult discussion addresses physical and social development, as well as teaching techniques that encourage positive behaviors. Parents take time to play, laugh, and share with their child during these important years of childhood development.


Focus on Music Plus

This expanded program includes music and movement activities using various instruments and other accessories. Additionally, the parent and child engage in story time, art time, and outside play time specifically designed to encourage curiosity and interest. This class promotes listening skills, following directions, and body awareness.


Focus on Art

Together, parents and children (ages 2 to 5) engage in creative self-expression through multimedia art projects, interactive songs, and the development of large and small motor skills. As childeren explore their world through art, they practice observation techniques and learn to use fine motor skills to show what they see and know. This ability to express through art positively enhances the child's self-image.


Focus on Family Fun

This afternoon class is designed for families with children (ages 1 to 5). Music, art, story time, and classroom activities designed specifically to encourage physical and verbal growth are presented in a fun and loving enviornment. Parents spend special afternoon time bonding with their children through education.