Frequently Asked Questions


Torrance Adult School Locations


Question #1: Where is Torrance Adult School Located?

Torrance Adult School has three main campuses located in Torrance, CA. They are:


Griffith Adult Center

2291 Washington Avenue Torrance, CA 90501

Phone:(310) 533-4689 ext.8300

Fax: (310) 972-6394


Hamilton Adult Center

2606 West 182nd Street Torrance, CA 90504

Phone:(310) 533-4689 ext.8400

Fax: (310) 972-6395


Levy Adult Center

3420 West 229th Place Torrance, CA 90505

Phone:(310) 533-4689 ext.8200

Fax: (310) 972-6399



Question #2: What do GAC, HAC, and LAC mean?

GAC- Griffith Adult Center

HAC- Hamilton Adult Center

LAC- Levy Adult Center


Question #3: Is there parking on school campuses?

There is free parking on all three campuses. Do not park in spaces designated for staff.


Registering for a Class


Question #1: How can I register for a class?

Check our website for registration information posted before each term. You may register for a class (except ESL, GED® and High School subjects) either online, by mail, in person, or by fax.


Question #2: What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you are registering online and forgot your password:

1.) Enroll as a new student

2.) Create a new username

3.) Create a new password. *Don't forget to write down your password for future registration enrollment.


Transfers & Refunds


Question #1: I enrolled in the wrong class. What can I do to change my class?

You may transfer from one class to another within the same department. You are required to fill out a transfer form available at our three Torrance Adult School offices and online.


Question #2: Can I drop a class and get a refund?

You are required to fill out a refund form first in order to process a refund request. Please check our Transfer/Refund Form for more details.


High School Equivalency Information


Question #1: How do I get a High School Diploma?

Call our Hamilton Adult Center office to schedule an appointment with the counselor. Bring an official copy of your transcript from each high school, college, and/or vocational schools.


Question #2: How do I take the GED® Test?

We are now offering the GED® at Torrance Adult School! Visit our Adult Literacy & High School Education page for more information about the GED® exam, practice tests, and other High School Equivalency programs.