English as a Second Language (ESL)

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ESL is a basic education program in English for adults whose native language is not English. Classes will help students develop English language skills needed to be a productive worker, an effective community member, a positive family member and a life-long learner.


Registration Information

There is no online registration for ESL classes. Students must register in person. All ESL classes are free, there is no fee.  For more information call: (310) 533-4689 or email esl@tastusd.org


ESL Weebly

Attention all ESL students! Please visit our ESL Weebly (Web Log) for the latest news on ESL classes, news, and more! Visit our website at: http://torranceesl.weebly.com  and stay connected!


ESL Levels


ESL Beginning Low
This course is for students who have limited reading and writing skills in English. Emphasis is on listening and speaking. Students learn the basic forms and vocabulary of English needed in everyday situations.


ESL Beginning High
This course is for students who already know everyday English words and phrases. Students learn to communicate their basic needs in spoken and written English. They learn to read simplified materials and to take part in simple conversations. Vocabulary development is emphasized.


ESL Intermediate Low
This course is for students who know the English necessary for everyday situations. Students learn to communicate in new situations, and learn about cultural differences and similarities. Topics are chosen according to student interests. Teachers begin to emphasize correct form.


ESL Intermediate High
This course is for students who can effectively communicate in English in most familiar situations. Emphasis is on improving written and spoken communication. Course content is determined by student goals and interests.

ESL Advanced Low
This course is for students who can converse on most topics, but cannot speak fluently about technical subjects. Students use basic grammar structures correctly, but cannot self-correct complex structures. Emphasis is on developing higher level skills.

ESL Advanced High
This course is for students who can communicate fluently on a variety of topics, and who make few errors in structure. The goal is to prepare students to exit the ESL program and transition to courses designed for native speakers of English. Emphasis is on developing the skills necessary to meet the student's social, academic, and vocational demands with confidence.


Core Classes


Griffith Adult Center--Registration Information after September 14, 2015


*Morning Classes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30am Room#11

*Afternoon Classes: Please check in the office.

*Evening Classes: Monday, please check in the office. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30pm in Room #11.


Time Level
8:30am-12:00pm Beginning Low
Beginning High
Intermediate Low
Intermediate High A
Intermediate High B
5:45pm-9:15pm Beginning


Hamilton Adult Center--Registration Information after September 14, 2015:


*Morning Classes: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am-10:am Room#22

*Afternoon Classes:Please check in the office.

*Evening Classes: Please check in the office.

**Child Care: Morning child care for children ages 2-5 is available while parent is in class at Hamilton.


Time Level
8:30am-12:00pm Beginning Low
Beginning High
Intermediate Low
Intermediate High/Advanced

Levy Adult School

Please check in the office for registration information.

Time Level
8:30am-12:00pm Intermediate/Advanced


Victor Elementary School

Please register in the YMCA classroom.

*Please Note: The YMCA entrance is NOT the school entrance on Spencer.

Time Level
9:00am-12:15pm Beginning/Intermediate


Supplemental Classes


Level: Beginning
Practice Conversation for everyday life for shopping, phone, restaurants and more! Practice grammar, learn new vocabulary words and learn how to ask questions: Where? Who? Do? and How? in class with your expert teacher!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
It's time to USE the vocabulary and grammar you already know! You will be able to talk about your life in the United States and practice conversation for REAL LIFE situations. You will learn today's English language including the latest idioms and slang and discuss current news topics. English is the world's language. Make it yours!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Are articles awful? Prepositions a problem? Review these and other difficult details of English grammar. Improve your written and spoken English and learn more about the structure of the English language as well as spelling and punctuation rules. Brush up on your grammar in this fun new class.

Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Are you looking for a stress-free place to practice your spoken English? Come to our friendly classroom! Meet new people and talk about topics that are important to you. Did you hear or experience something you did not understand? Our sage teacher helps you find answers to all your questions about the English language and life in the USA. Join the club!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Our expert teacher helps you create an individual English-language learning plan. You set goals in the areas where you most need help: listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, life skills, and cultural awareness. Learn computer skills such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Internet basic skills.

Level: All
Try this exciting program! Learn English wih borrowed DVDs, lesson packets, or books. Mee with a teacher who will answer your questions. Citizenship preparation is available.

Level: Advanced
Advanced IDIOMS, in-depth READING passages, lots of CONVERSATION, and WRITING well-organized paragraphs will be covered. This class is for advanced ESL students with college or university goals who need academic skills beyond those taught in the basic adult ESL program.

Level: Advanced
Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing while you explore American culture and values through current events, songs, and stories. Learn the most current language used by native speakers. Use your new vocabulary and writing skills to improve your daily life and increase your community involvement. This class is for advanced level ESL students.

Prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam! Study U.S. History & Government, Civics and English. Learn vocabulary for the NEW N-400 Naturalization Application. Practice for the oral interview and prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam. Study from home using lesson packets and return to school once each week for a 15-minute appointment to review your work and check out the next unit of study.

Attend our low-cost American English pronunciation class! Convenient evening hours taught by a patient, dedicated, and expert native English speaker. Includes practice on individual sounds, sound combinations, emphasis, rhythm, and intonation. This class will help you: Understand English as it's really spoken, speak fluently and feel more confident, find friends to practice English and focus on YOUR pronunciation needs and is LOTS OF FUN!



Would you like to help students from all over the world by giving the gift of your English? Learn techniques to help students learn English as you participate in their classes. Teachers will arrange flexible hours to suit your schedule. NO FEE. Please email: esl@tastusd.org