Community Interests

Important Information

Community Interests classes are fully funded by student fees.


Arts Crafts


One-Stroke Painting

Learn this popular painting technique that shades, highlights, and blends all in one stroke of your brush. Paint gifts for family and friends or something special for your home. With this fun, quick, and easy technique you can paint on glass, wood, tin, fabric, furniture, and even on walls. You don't have to be an artist, and it's for people of all ages.


Tole Painting

Come learn the basics of Tole Painting which has been around since the 1800s. It's a form of decorative painting that anyone can learn and can be applied to many different surfaces, such as wood and tin. Written instructions, a photo of the finished project, along with the pattern, are provided. Instructor guides you step by step with instruction on how to prepare your surface, transfer your pattern, and how to protect your painting once it's completed. All levels are welcome. No painting experience is necessary. Supplies will be discussed the first day of class.


Oil Painting

Under the supervision of the teacher, students use basic principles and techniques of oil painting, learn basic composition, color theory, and various other oil painting, learn basic composition, color theory, and various other oil painting ideologies and practices. Themes include: floral, seascape, landscape, still life, portraits, and other painting topics. Students provide their own tools and supplies.


Beading, Wire Wrapping & More

Students are introduced to basic concepts and skills through hands-on projects. Continuing or advanced students learn additional techniques and complete more complex projects. Please provide your e-mail address and your instructor will send you a materials list prior to the first class. Students may need to provide some tools and supplies.




Lince Dance-Night Club Style (Beginning)

Learn the Electric Slide, Black Velvet, Reggae, Cruising Stroll Along, Cha-Cha, Hustle, and more. You'll be ready to go out and line dance after the first class! No partners necessary. Dress casual and have fun.


Country-Western Line Dancing

Learn the Freeze, Electric Slide, Black Velvet, Tush Push, Boot Scootin' Boogie, and more by attending this high-energy class that is both fun and easy. No partners necessary.


Salsa & Latin Dancing

Feel the heat, hear that Latin beat! Learn the HOT dances: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Tango, and more. Great exercises and great fun! No partners necessasry.


Social Dance for Couples

Swing on down with your partner for great fun! Learn the easy way to do the East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and more. Bring your partner as this class is for couples only.




Korean Level 1 Conversational


Korean Level 2 Conversational


Spanish Level 1 Conversational


Spanish Level 2 Conversational


Spanish Level 3 Conversational


Personal Finance


Retirement Planning Today

Learn how to avoid the 10 biggest retirement planning mistakes. Discover how to save money on taxes, manage investment risks, and protect your assets from long-term health care expenses. Above all, this course shows you how to assess your financial situation and develop a personalized plan to achieve your retirement goals. Whether you plan to retire 10 years from now or have just recently retired, the valuable information you'll learn in this class can deliver rewards throughout your lifetime.


Business Plan Writing for Beginners

Business Plan Writing for Beginners sets a solid foundation for formatting, structuring and writing a business plan. At the conclusion of the course students will know how to find and analyze sources to utilize in their very own business plans, have information on how to structure and format a business plan for application to any industry, and be able to present facts and data on their businesses to potential investors.


Social Security

Choosing when and how to claim Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions Boomers face today. Failing to use the right strategy can cost you a lot of money in unclaimed Social Security income over yoru life-time and potentially put your surviving spouse at finanical risk. Join us in the informative class where we will explore the ways in which you can maximize your benefit. You will gain the knowledge necessary to make an educated and confident election decision.


Understanding Medicare & the Impact of ACA

Confused about Medicare as well as how health care legislation has affected it? Wondering how choices may become more limited (doctors, hospitals, treatments0? How Social Security changes may impact your planning? This class includes a general overview of how these government programs work, how one qualifies, key enrollment windows, benefit options, and monthly costs including new income thresholds. Also covered will be Medicare Advantage Plans (e.g. Kaiser, SCAN, etc.), Supplemental Plans, Part D drug plans, and legislated changes to them. You may also be able to apply to an Exchange plan if you are over 65 and not qualified for Medicare. Note: Medicaid / Medical are being expanded through the Exchanges plan. Information on resources & tools to assist you in your decision making will be provided, including an online demo about choosing the right health care plan. The instructor is not authorized to speak to the specifics of private or workplace medical plans.


Women & Investing

Did you know that women often make the best investors? Whether single, widowed, married, employed, or retired you need to know how to improve your current financial picture. Learn the importance of portfolio allocation, how to select an investment advisor, and how to select investments for growth, income, and safety. Estate planning, college education planning for children, grandchildren, and planning for a safe and secure financial future will all be covered. Plus a forecast of the economy, interest rates, real estate, and the stock market.


Notary Public Course (California)

California needs additional professional notaries! This class provides the new or previously commissioned Notary Public with the education and skills to pass the state examination, detect fraud, and be successful in a new career. There is a growing need for Notaries Public in the expanding financial, real estate, business, and law professions. The State Certification test will be given immediately following this class. Bring a seperate $40 check or money order (no cash or credit card) payable to the Secretary of State, a 2"x2" color passport photo, a #2 pencil, and a sack lunch. California driver's license or identification card required.

*If you want to take the test only: Call the office (310) 533-4689 ext. 8400 to reserve a seat. Arrive at 4:00pm and have your payment to the Secretary of State, your passport photo, and pencil. There will also be a $10 cash service charge for which you will receive a receipt.


Stock Market (Beginning)

Fundamentals of investing will be introduced. Strategies to be discussed include stocks, bonds, money market funds, mutual funds, international stocks, and methods for implementing a personal investment portfolio. Topics such as earning more from CDs, maximizing return in IRA investments will also be presented.


Stock Market (Intermediate)

This course offers a more advanced presentation of stock market trading techniques. Class will focus on the evaluation and understanding of stock charts, sector investing, hedging for the individual investor, closed and listed funds, and how to find values in a speculative market.


How to Purchase Investment Property

Ever thought about having investment property? Get down-to-earth information about getting started with your first property. This class includes a workbook full of great information to help you in making your investment decisions.




Piano (Level 1)

Learn to play the piano with a quick, easy, modern method. Notes, note values, chords, and pedaliing will be taught. These fundamentals will be applied to popular and classical music. No previous knowledge is necessary. Practice must be done at home since there are no practice facilities at school. Textbook is required (not included in class fee).


Guitar (Beginning/Intermediate)

Beginners learn the basic techniques and simple songs. Intermediate students focus on more advanced techniques and apply them to songs. Students must furnish their own guitar to participate in class.


Traditional Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

This is a beginning level course teaching authentic, instrumental Hawaiian slack key guitar. This course is ideal for people who have an appreciation for authentic slack key guitar music and would like to learn hwo to play at a beginning level. Students will learn about the history of Hawaiian slack key guitar & will also learn techniques unique to the style and be able to perform traditional songs.


Learn to Play the Ukulele

The ukulele is an instrument beloved by those who enjoy Hawaiian music. Students in this course learn simple chords, strums, and plucking patterns. The techniques will be applied to fun, simple songs. All students must bring their own "tuneable" ukulele and only soprano, concert or tenor size to participate in the class.


Physical Fitness



The next best thing to being at Carnival! Dance off the fat and flab to a sizzling Latin rhythm in an upbeat atmosphere. You've seen the ads on TV, so what ar you waiting for? Come join us at the dance party! Students will progress at their own pace. Bring water and wear exercise apparel.


Strength & Cardio Intervals for Body Scult & Fitness

This total body workout, if done consistently, increases muscle strength bone density, lean body mass, metabolism, improves coordination, and balance. All major muscle groups are engaged with the use of hand weights and floor exercises. Dance-like cardio intervals are performed to lively, motivating music to elevate the heart rate and burn calories. Get a total body workout while having fun! Includes mat exercises for abs and a stretching and cool-down period to relax the muscles and mind. Bring a mat and hand weights (3-5 lbs.). Wear loose clothing and athletic shoes.


Bollywood Fitness

Join the new culture of fun and fitness Bollywood style! Regardless of age, shape, or background, YOU are perfect for this great workout that is inspired by the music in the Indian film industry. Come join us, and let's do some Balle Balle! Wear exercise apparel and bring water.


T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi Chuan is a slow-motion exercise program for relaxation and health. Learn the history, philosophy, and the basic moves of this ancient art for modern people. T'ai Chi is excellent exercise for stress reduction and relaxation. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.


Reiki: Balance Your Energy & Balance Your Life

Each day seems to bring more stress until we feel out of control with no "down" time, resulting in negative health issues. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive way to get "back on track." This informational lecture provides a basic understanding of Reiki. Techniques will be demonstrated and class ends with a guided meditation.


Yoga for Physical Fitness (Beginning)

Practice various yoga poses to improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. In coordination with deep breathing, increase your mental calmness, heighten body awareness, and reduce stress.


Yoga for Physical Fitness (Beginning/Easy Intermediate)

Practice various yoga poses for flexibility, balance, strength, mental calmness, body awareness, and stress reduction. This class is designed to be a notch up in intensity from the beginning class.



Pilates is a series of controlled exercises that condition the total body and mind, blending strength and flexibility. The course will teach students to improve their over all posture, create more long and lean muscles without bulking up, utilize proper breathing and form for exercises, be able to control their "powerhouse" i.e. abdominal and back core muscles. As a result, students will improve overall fitness, flexibility, and endurance.


Aerobic Exercise-Over 40 Shape-Up

No matter what shape you are in now, this is the place to improve your fitness level, stamina, strength, and muscle tone. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat or towel.


Get Fit Fast

This individualized fitness program is designed to assisst students in understanding how to assess their own personal muscular weakness, provide exercises and movements for their personal strengthening, use their own body weight (no equipment or apparatus necessary), and "tweak" movements for their particular needs. Students also learn how to adjust movements from beginning to intermediate, and intermediate to advanced. Class is taught by a certified personal trainer with over 14 years of experience.


Walk for Health

Walk your way to better health along our beautiful coastline in this walking class specifically designed for seniors. Warm-up and cool down exercises are a part of each session. After registering, students meet at Miramar Park (at the corner of Miramar & Paseo de la Playa). No pets allowed.


Special Interests


Handweaving & Spinning

Learn to make a one-of-a-kind scarf or fabric heirloom table linen, coverlet, or rug. Beginning to advanced students are welcome. NOTE: Take advantage of the Handweaving Workshop course to complete your unfinished handweaving projects (see class below).


Handweaving Workshop

Take advantage of this workshop to complete your unfinished handweaving projects. This course offers you additional time to put the finishing touches on your special design. You must already be registered for the Handweaving and Spinning course (see class above) to attend this course.


Antiques & Collectibles

Learn to identify and appraise a variety of antiques and collectibles. Do's and dont's of buying, researching "finds" and marketing them will be included in ths on-going class.


Write Your Life Story

Celebrities do it. Politicians do it. Why don't you? Write your life story only you know. Neither good grammar nor writing experience is necessary; memories are what count. Help preserve history by creating a family treasure. The experienced teacher makes it fun.


Home Repair Series


Basic Homeowners Plumbing Extended Class

Want to save money and water? Is that old kitchen faucet outdated and dripping? What really goes on inside of the toilet tank? Can I replace my water heater myself? These and other plumbing repairs will be explored in this "hands-on" class. Safety, tools, and building codes will also be discussed. Bring your own "plumbing problems" and leave knowing how to fix them yourself. No experience or prior knowledge required to participate in the class.


Basic Homeowners Electrical Extended Class

Do your lighting fixtures need to be upgraded? Want to add an extra outlet where there is none? Are funny things happening when you plug in the toaster? Safety tools, building codes, and proper methodology will be emphasized in this "hands-on" class while learning the basics of home electrical writing. Bring your "electric problems" to this class and leave with an action plan to get those projects completed! No experience or prior knowledge required to participate in the class.




Rubel Castle & the Citadel Outlets

At age 19, Michael Rubel bought property in Glendora and followed his compulsion to build a castle. It took 25 years of hard work, river rocks, abandoned cable and railroad ties, and the help of friends and strangers to complete his dream. There are more than a dozen buildings or structures on the property, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a walking tour which includes some irregular surfaces such as gravel and bare ground. Please wear sturdy footwear-heels, flip-flops, and sandals are NOT recommended. The buildings and grounds are NOT ADA accessible, and no participation is allowed via wheelchairs, walkers, or cart assistance. Rubel Castle is not widely advertised and little known to the general public, but it is a fascinating destination. After our docent-led tour, we will have time for lunch on your own and browsing at the Citadel Outlets in Commerce.


Luxe Design House Tour at Greystone Mansion

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Luxe magazine is sponsoring an open house tour of Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills. Construction of this 12.58 acre estate and manor home began in 1927 and took about three years to complete at a cost of over $3 million. Two floors of this wonderful mansion will be richly decorated by talented, internationally-renowned interior designers. This special even is a rare opportunity for us to go inside the mansion, which is not usually open to the public. You will also have time for browsing and lunch on your own at the Beverly Center, a "shoppertainment" area nearby known for its celebrity sightings.


"A Christmans Carol" at A Noise Within Theater in Pasadena

Welcome to the world of Charles Dickens and his classic tale "A Christams Carol." Every theater that produces this story tells it in their own style, putting their original mark or spin on this well-known tale. This is certainly true at the theater of a Noise Within, whose name came from a line in Shakespeare's "Hamlet." The company's permanent home is a historical mid-1950s building that was redesigned for the theater in 1998, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The theater features a thrust stage which protrudes out into the audience, and seating is on three sides of the stage. Before our matinee, you will have time for lunch on your own at your choice of a number of restaurants nearby. Come in period costume, if you wish, and after the show, we will have some time to mingle with Scrooge and all the other cast members.