Career Education



*Some courses require more than a single term to meet all certificate requirements and to complete the training programs. Grade averages and minimum attendance, specific to each class, must be met in order to receive Certification.


Torrance Adult School Certification

Career Education courses may offer certificates of completion that are awarded based on subject competency demonstrated through class participation, quizzes, projects, tests, presentations, practicum, possible externships, as well as with attendance and class assignment requirements. Specific requirements for certificate levels, course sequencing, and required competencies will be provided at the first class meeting.


Torrance Adult School Finance & Business Program Certification

To be eligibile for the TAS Finance & Business Program Certificate, students must complete the following series of courses: Bookkeeping & Accounting 1 and 2, QuickBooks 1 and 2, and Excel Beg/Int/Adv. Students receive a certificate of completion for each individual course by completing required assignments, tests, and simulations with a minimum average grade of 75% and maintain a minimum of 80% attendance. Each skill level has specific requirements.


Microsoft© Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist Exams & Certifications are offered at Torrance Adult School for the following courses: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. Students currently enrolled in these classes will have access to take practice tests and to take the formal Certification Test.


Intuit® Quickbooks Certified User Certification

Quickbooks Certified User Exam & Certification are offered at Torrance Adult School to registered students enrolled in Quickbooks classes. Students will have access to practice tests as well as the Certification Test.


Microsoft© Office Courses


*Course Introduction Meeting: Includes mandatory level assessment, introduction to available student services, and introduction to career pathways. Students will be registered to the appropriate class at the end of the meeting. After the completion of level II, enrolled students will be provided free access to Microsoft Office Specialist Exam training. The MOS exam is an industry test that gives students an advantage in a competitive job market. Students passing this industry exam will satisfy the Microsoft Word proficiency necessary for many business office positions.


Microsoft© Office Specialist Test Prep 2013/2016

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, and is recognized globally as the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to Microsoft Office applications. The course will teach how the exam questions are asked and how you will be expected to respond on the exam. You'll complete a series of practice exams both in class and at home. Students will choose one of the following exams: Excel, Word, Access, or PowerPoint to prepare. Students need to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in level 2 or equivalent in desired exam subject. Concepts will only be reviewed and not be "taught." Enrolled students will be given free access to G-Metrix training software to help prepare for the test. Note: G-Metrix Training software only runs on Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (excluding RT), and Windows 10. In addition, students need to have the desired Office 2013 or Office 2016 software installed on their personal computer prior to the first class. Students will not need to bring their computer to school.Students must complete required training objectives prior to test date in order to take the certification exam.


Microsoft© Word (I/II/III)

Trying to find a job? Want to stand out amidst the vast competition? Improve and develop your word-processing skills using Microsoft Word. Develp the ability to create documents, reports, flyers, and other skills that will help you with your occupation. Learn how to take these job skills and apply them to other fun activities such as yard sales, housekeeping, cookie sales, membership drives, and party signs.


Microsoft© Excel (II/II/III)

Are you looking for a promotion, a new job, or just want to improve your job skills? Take charge and take the mystery out of spreadsheets. Develp or improve the ability to use Microsoft Excel to plan and manage business needs. Learn how to create charts, worksheets, and data management tools. Let's have some fun. Learn how to take these job skills and apply them to other fun activities such as yard sale price list, potluck sign-in sheet, cookie sale organization list and much more.


Microsoft© Excel Hybrid (I/II/III)

This Excel hybrid course has an online campanion. The class includes lectures, with the addition of online tutorials, videos, and assignments that can be completed on your home computer. The intent is to improve your Excel and online collaborative skills at the same time, a skill highly desired by employers.



Business Finance & Accounting


*Course Introduction Meeting: Includes mandatory level assessment, introduction to available student services, and introduction to career pathways. Students will be registered to the appropriate class at the end of the meeting.


Manual Bookkeeping & Accounting I

Hands-on manual training includes the accounting cycle, debit/credit rules, journalizing and posting business transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, preparing financial statements, performing closing entries, and reconciling bank statements.


Manual Bookkeeping & Accounting II

Expand your knowledge of accounting principles to include practices related to a merchandising compoany. Procedures specific to the recording of sales and purchases, payroll and reporting procedures, and accounting for cash will be covered as you focus on the following topics: Sales & Purchases, Journals, Sales & Purchase Discounts, Returns, Allowances, A/R and A/P Subsidiary Ledgers, Cost of Merchandise Sold, as well as Internal Controls for cash and bank reconciliations.


QuickBooks Level I & II Computerized Accounting

*Prerequisite: Certificate for Accounting I or a work background in Bookkeeping/Accounting.

In this multi-level course, you will set up businesses, add vendors and customers, and prepare charts of accounts. Upon completion of both levels, you will know how to execute the accounting cycle through financial statements and year-end reporting.


New!- Payroll

*Prerequisite: Certificate for Accounting I or a work background in Bookkeeping/Accounting.

Payroll Accounting provides an innovative, hands-on approach with a unique blend of theory and practical examples and exercises, enabling students to get a thorough understanding of why, how, and when the most widely used payroll accounting functions are performed. The text includes: case studies, concept reviews, quizzes, practice exercises, continuing payroll projects, and comprehensive capstone projects to be done either on paper or using QuickBooks.



Medical Support Careers


*Pre-requisites: Medical Terminology is the foundation course preparing students for their chosen health occupations pathway. Students should become proficient in keyboarding, be able to use Micrsoft Word, and Excel for job-related tasks, as well as basic computer skills for the health profession. All Allied Health training applicants need to have a GED or High School Diploma or be enrolled in a program to complete the necessary course work required for completion. Proof of either GED or High School Diploma will be required if students take a certificiation exam for completing the course, as well as live scans. Students should complete the Hepatitis B series of inoculations.


Medical Terminology & Anatomy

This foundation health occupations course is recommended for everyone planning on a career in the healthcare field. Knowledge of medical terms, parts of the body, and common medications will be valuable in Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing & Coding, and Medical Assistant training programs. Prepare for a career in health by learning the "Language of Medicine" & Anatomy, which are foundational courses for all medical support occupations. You'll learn prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms that are medical and pharmaceutical terms. Discover body systems and terms identifying each.


Pharmacy Technician

Prepare to become an entry-level Pharmacy Technician by learning concepts of pharmacology, standards, ethics, pharmacy calculations, record keeping, and customer service. You will successfully complete the classroom portion of the course and then get hands-on experience while completing a 160-hour externship. Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive both an affidavit as proof of completion, as required by the state, and a TAS Certificate of Compeltion. Employers recommend keyboarding skills for all Pharmacy Technician students.


Medical Billing & Coding

This is a comprehensive, outpatient billing and coding training program which consists of two combined modules:

Module A: Students will learn about the insurance industry, software, billing forms, CMS 1500 form, authorization, worker's comprehensive, and disability forms. Students will acquire training for critical responsibility of accurately reporting and recording patient information for claims processing and collection for reimbursement.


Module B: This module consists of advanced coding and Medical Terminology & Anatomy of 20 systems, abstract clinical data from health records, and appropriate assignment of medical codes for billing purposes. These code sets are used for reimbursement, classification, planning, and research with ICD 9 cm and ICD 10 cm, CPT-4, and HCPCS coding systems.


After successfully completing the classroom portion-, there will be a required 160 hour externship (unpaid) for hands-on training in a doctor's office, clinic or a billing company. After completing the externship, students will receive a certificate of completion from Torrance Adult School. Once these requirements have been completed, students will be eligible to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AACP).


Medical Assistant

For completion of the Medical Assistant course, you will need to complete a 20 week classroom program along with 160 hours of externship working in a medical office. The responsibilties of a Medical Assistant (MA) include: help physicians carry out procedures, care for patients, take histories, schedule appointments, perform simple lab tests, and administer medications. This course combines classroom/lab training and an electronic health records with an additional 160-hour externship for more hands-on practice at an outpatient facility. The textbook/workbook and uniform is purchased in the classroom and the cost is subject to publisher's pricing. Information is provided at the first class meeting. Students will be required to complete an assumption of risk form, prepare a resume, interview, and may be required to complete a live scan and/or provide immunization records in order to qualify for some externship positions. CPR class will be given before completion of the classroom portion. Students who have medical or other issues that may affect their participation or require accommodations must notify the instructor and the Career Education office prior to registering for classes. Students must maintain a minimum attendance of 85% in order to meet the classroom attendance requirement. A class syllabus is provided to students at the first class session.




Career Tech Presentations